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It’s your team, so you have full visibility and control of the workflow training plans and how you would like that team to function.
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We discuss your outsource resourcing requirements


We recruit and employ your outsourced team


We support the operation of your outsourced team


How does Outsourcing work?

Outsourcing is a type of outsourcing where you create an extension of your business or team in another country. There are a few traditional models of outsourcing, but here at KT Global Services, we provide a unique solution.

We Discuss Your Outsourced Resourcing Requirements

How do you know if your business is outsourced-ready? Due to the remote work nature of outsourcing, you need certain systems and processes in place to be able to work with an outsourced team. So, ask yourself:

Do you have:

If no was the answer to any of these questions then you may not quite be ready to outsource. However, we can assist you in beginning your outsourcing journey.

If yes was the answer then congratulations, outsourcing is the ideal solution for you and it’s time to initiate discussions with one of our business development managers. During these conversations, we will inquire about your outsourcing team, IT infrastructure requirements, as these factors will be crucial in getting started.

Questions covered include:

Based on these answers, we can start to customize our outsourcing solutions to meet the individual needs of your organization.

If our outsourcing solution is right for you, then we discuss your outsourced team’s job descriptions. 

Covering topics such as daily tasks, KPI’s, existing qualifications and systems knowledge, years of experience within similar roles and what hours of work they will be required to perform.

These components are essential in creating your ideal outsourced candidate profiles, which then get passed onto our recruitment team to understand the costs of setting up your outsourced team. We will then share a transparent and fully itemized cost proposal outlining the costs associated with your outsourced team so you can then determine if our outsourcing solution fits your business requirements.

We Recruit and Employ your Outsourced Team.

In the second step, we examine the job descriptions you have created for your outsourced team. These descriptions outline the desired qualifications, level of experience, knowledge of systems, and any additional qualities you believe are necessary for us to find the right candidates. Similar to how you would draft job descriptions for your in-house team, we follow the same process for your outsourced staff. Once we have thoroughly reviewed these requirements, we provide feedback to ensure they will attract top talent for the position. Subsequently, we present you with a shortlist of candidates from which you can select individuals who align best with your business, company culture, and team dynamics. Naturally, you have the opportunity to screen and interview the candidates just as you would when hiring locally.


Once you have chosen suitable members for your team, we will arrange for their placement in our modern, state-of-the-art offices located in Thailand. This process includes setting up their workstations and ensuring they have access to the necessary IT systems and hardware from their first day. We also assist with organising software licenses and implementing security controls to facilitate effective communication with your outsourced team.

If you have any concerns regarding technical or logistical challenges that may arise during this process, we are ready to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring a smooth setup every step of the way.

To summarise, your new team can be up and running in as little as six weeks after you engage our services. We invite you to explore our headquarters and office facilities firsthand.

We Support The Operation Of Your Outsourced Team

Once we have your team set up on our side, it’s then time for you to start organizing their onboarding and training including things like how to use your systems, what processes and workflows they need to use and overall company culture and history to help them feel as much a part of your business success as possible.

When you are satisfied that they are up to speed with all of the onboarding requirements, it’s time to start assigning them tasks and managing their work in progress. You will be able to delegate, coordinate and organize all of the tasks your outsourced team does, the same way you would for your outsourced team.

But, you’re not expected to manage your outsourced team alone. We support your outsource management team on an operational level. This involves the following:

While we handle all of this, you retain as much control of quality and productivity as you would like. In other words, we take care of everything on the ground, enabling you to focus purely on the business processes you want to run out of Thailand.

It’s important to note that for your outsource team to work, you need to put in the time and effort to train them up and get them across all of your systems and processes. What our outsource management team does is provide the back-end support to facilitate this. If you don’t invest in establishing, developing and maintaining your outsource team, then your outsource investments may not be as successful as they could be.

Learn more about how you can work with your outsource team to achieve your business objectives…

Why You Should Do It

Last but not least, is KT Global Services solution. This model involves getting a partner in the outsource location to set up an overseas division of your company, and getting them to handle facilities, IT recruitment and HR, while you handle quality and productivity. This is the model we use, because we find it fits our clients’ needs – from quickly scaling up small businesses, to improving efficiency in larger enterprises.

Main benefits:

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